With so many of us working at home or spending increased time at home due to social distancing, our team has had an increased uptake in our online physiotherapy consultations and telefit programs.

Based on feedback that we have received from our clients, our physiotherapist Jason Lee has put together his top tips on how to maximise your online physiotherapy consultation.

1. It’s just like a normal consultation

Our teleconsultation and online physiotherapy consultations are just like a normal consultation that you would experience at Malvern East Physiotherapy.

Your teleconsultation will begin with a thorough assessment. Your experienced physiotherapist will ask you questions specifically questions about your injury or area of concern. A physical examination can also be performed in which your physiotherapist will ask you to move specific body parts in order to assess your flexibility and range of motion. Following this, your physiotherapist will be able to establish a diagnoses and treatment plan.

As we are able to observe what is happening, your physiotherapist is able to demonstrate and provide easy to follow instructions and provide ongoing feedback. Rehabilitation will then involve a tailored individualised exercise plan. With your physiotherapist ensuring the correct technique for maximum effectiveness and safety, you may be given a range of exercises which could include mobilising, stretching, self massage and strengthening exercises to address your specific diagnoses.

2. Check your tech

In order for your consultation to run smoothly, check your technology to ensure a seamless experience.

Our online physiotherapy consultations utilise the secure and encrypted PhysiApp software. PhysiApp can be used on either your smart phone or tablet device or from your desktop or laptop. If you are using your smart phone/tablet device, ensure you have installed the latest version by going to the app store to check for updates. For desktop or laptop users, ensure you are using Google Chrome or Firefox.

Importantly, regardless of what device you choose, it would be great if you could check the following:

  • Camera and microphone is enabled on your device. (Some clients have found using headphones with built in mic have been useful)
  • You have a stable internet connection. Choose somewhere in the house where your wifi is reliable.
  • Your device or computer is fully charged.

3. Think about your environment

Prior to starting your consultation, think about your environment and ensure you have appropriate space to move. Whilst we love to see your children, pets or family, find a comfortable and quiet part of your house.

Equally important, ensure you have appropriate space to move. It is highly likely that your physiotherapist will require you to move as part of your assessment of as part of your rehabilitation. Be mindful that when using a phone or tablet device, the camera angle may need to be adjusted if moving as part of your assessment or treatment.

4. A good workman doesn’t blame his/her tools

Bring any exercise equipment that you may have around the house that could be useful. Common things that you may have purchased previously that could be useful include resistance bands, foam rollers, spikey balls or any weights that you may have around the house. If you don’t have these items, don’t worry – your physiotherapist will be able to assist and improvise using common every day items. If it is recommended, feel free to drop into our clinic to purchase our rehabilitation packs or we can even organise a home delivery.

5. Dress up

Similarly to a traditional physiotherapy consultation, your physiotherapist will require you to move as part of your assessment. Wearing comfortable clothing will allow your physiotherapist to accurately assess your condition.

6. Have questions

I am a big believer in open dialogue and understanding your condition greatly assists with recovery. Having a list of questions or queries written down can greatly assist any consultation. We have previously written a blog about the top questions to ask your physiotherapist and these remain true for your online consultation.

To book your online consultation, call our friendly team today or book online.