Our team at Malvern Easy Physiotherapy wants to improve health in the Malvern East community by empowering individuals through exercise and education. We provide long-term healthy solutions – that not only address the symptoms, but also the cause. We want to help keep everyone active and injury free!

Our team pride ourselves on being helpful, friendly, vibrant and easy to approach. We always aim to get back to your enquiry on the same working day as our patients always take priority.


We want people to be stronger for longer. We have many services to help assist: Clinical Strength, Pilates, Hydrotherapy and more.

We actively communicate with team coaches, other doctors or surgeons so that everyone is on board as we understand that physiotherapy is a team approach.


Our goal is to make sure that you have all the information you need to ensure a successful recovery. We have an open communication outlook and ensure that we are educating you at every stage of your treatment so that you fully understand the purpose. We communicate through simple and easy to follow treatment plans. This helps to optimise your goals and outcomes.

Our team are committed to constantly learning and staying up to date with current treatments that way we can better assist you.  We are constantly updating our knowledge via professional development days, conferences, workshops and scientific journals.

When you come in to see one of our specialists you can rest assured knowing that all of our team members communicate to each other.  You are actually getting multiple opinions and recommendations – not just the one.


We are 100% all about you and will be as caring and understanding as we can be. Everyone’s health journey is different, and our aim is to work alongside every individual.  We spend the time to better understand your situation and motivation.  We aim to engage with you and encourage you to be involved your own health journey. We do this by providing people with simple and easy to follow treatment plans. We also utilise the PhysiApp to patients who might benefit from this.


Our teams’ approach to treatment is to empower you through exercise. Whether it be take-home exercises, physio supervised exercises or accessing our many health and fitness classes available – exercise has immediate and long-term health benefits. We also use exercise to help manage your pain and get you back to your best life as quickly as possible.


We pride ourselves on being actively engaged in our community. We work with sporting groups including: East Malvern Junior Football and East Malvern Tennis, as well as local community groups such as the RSL, Rotary and Probus.

We also work with Avalon. Avalon is a local charity that is completely volunteer run. Avalon helps anyone who might benefit from their support, such as the homeless, people with mental health problems, physical disabilities and the elderly. We often have a drive at our physiotherapy where we collect clothing from customers and donate this to Avalon to help others. This is something we feel passionate about and we like Avalon’s vision statement. If you would like to get involved keep an eye out for a donations box at our clinic or updates on Facebook.

To request an appointment call us on (03) 9571 6888 or book online.

Vision & Mission