Keeping active throughout Winter can be challenging.  Check out our top tips to stay fit and healthy this Winter.  Our team is well equipped to help you beat those exercise blues so call us today on (03) 9571 6888 or book online.

Top tips to stay fit this winter

Winter can be a tough time to stay on top of our health and fitness goals.  Colder days, rain and less sunlight can leave us with less motivation to continue with our exercise regime.  Unfortunately, exercising inconsistently throughout these months can result in a rapid decrease in strength and fitness.  Check out our top tips to avoid the winter exercise blues and stay on top of your health and fitness goals.

  1. Watch what you eat

    Staying healthy and eating well will encourage you to continue exercising throughout the winter months.

  2. Be prepared.

    Leave your exercise gear by the bed if you plan to exercise in the morning or pack your exercise bag the night before ready for work.

  3. Wear the right clothes.

    If exercising outdoors, wear layers to make sure your exercise is as enjoyable and comfortable.  Wear breathable layers to ensure that you’re able to avoid the cold and be as comfortable as possible.

  4. Set goals.

    Whether it be a 5 km run through to a marathon; or being able to do 50 push ups.  Write down your goals and share them with your friends and family who will be able to provide ongoing encouragement and motivation.  I’m aiming for Around the Bay to ensure that I keep riding throughout winter.

  5. Exercise with friends or family.

    Research suggests that exercising in a group environment not only provides better results but is a great way to stay motivated and accountable.

  6. Use technology.

    There a great range of smart phone apps that can not only track your exercise levels but even guide you through a program.  These include Strava, Mapmyrun and Couch to 5k.

  7. Take the stairs.

    Rather than using the lift at work, try taking the stairs.  At shopping centers, try walking up escalators.  This incidental exercise is a great way to improve overall daily physical activity.   You could even try parking the car further away at the supermarket or walking to the next tram or train station where possible.

  8. Exercise indoors.

    It sounds obvious, but consider joining a gym to ensure that your program has a mix of cardiovascular and strength exercise.

  9. Try pilates.

    Clinical pilates is a great way to exercise safely.  If tailored specifically for you, it can be a great way to create a total body workout.

Unfortunately, the reality is that we all lose strength and fitness much faster than we can gain it.  Continuing with your exercise regime and building a solid program over the winter months shall ensure that you won’t lose the benefits that you have gained over the summer.  With the right attitude, preparation and goal setting; exercising in winter can be just as pleasant and enjoyable as every other time of the year.  If you need any help, see our team who can identify fun and creative ways to keep you fit and healthy this winter.