Malvern East Physiotherapy is pleased to announce our telehealth appointments. You can be assured our physiotherapists will provide the same individualised care and best possible treatment plan that leads to long-term health and injury prevention.

What is a telehealth appointment?

A telehealth appointment is delivering your usual physiotherapy services through a video-call or telephone. It is a real-time one on one appointment. You will be able to see your physiotherapist and our physiotherapists are able to see and chat to you about your condition.

What do I need to do a telehealth appointment?

All you need is a phone or a computer or tablet device with internet connection.

We conduct our telehealth appointment using video conferencing apps such as Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime. We can even use PhysiApp which is physiotherapy specific software which allows us to demonstrate and provide exercise videos.

How do I set up my telehealth appointment?

Our friendly team or your physiotherapist is able to talk you through easy to follow directions to set up your telehealth appointment.


What to expect from your telehealth appointment?

Your physiotherapist will take a comprehensive history and ask questions relating to your presenting condition or complaint. Through a video consultation, we will also be able to observe and assess your overall movement and mobility.

By putting together your full history, we will be able to identify and diagnose your source of discomfort. We will take the time to explain this to you so you fully understand the issues and the best course of management and treatment.

As part of your telehealth appointment, your physiotherapist will develop a treatment plan which includes steps that you can take to alleviate and treat your condition and symptoms. This could include a range of stretches, mobility exercises, self release work and strengthening exercises to ensure that you manage your condition and feel better as quickly as possible.

Who is a telehealth appointment for?

A telehealth appointment is great for a wide range of conditions ranging from acute sporting injuries through to post-operative rehabilitation. In our current climate, it is ideal for anyone who would prefer to self-isolate or would like to stay at home as they are high risk.

To book your telehealth appointment with one of our physiotherapists, call our friendly team today.