New to Malvern East Physiotherapy is our online Telefit service. This is an online tool designed to replicate your current exercise class, or your face to face exercise prescription within the clinic.
It is a safe and effective way to continue your exercise plan from the comfort of your own home while still working towards your exercise and rehabilitation goals.

What can you expect from your Telefit service?

Telefit is a live online one on one exercise consultation via our secure PhysiApp software. Just like our exercise classes, we prescribe, demonstrate and/ or stream exercises appropriate for your current condition or exercise plan. We are there to provide feedback and push you through the appropriate reps and sets required for continuity towards your goals.

You are eligible for our Telefit service if:

– You are an current client of our Pilates, Clinical strength or general strength class
– You have previously completed a Teleconsultation with one of our Physiotherapy staff
– You are wishing to continue physiotherapy supervised exercise from within your home

What do I need at home to do a Telefit consultation?

– A computer/tablet or phone with a microphone and camera
– Adequate space around you to perform exercises
– Exercise equipment such as theraband, foam roller or light weights. Your physiotherapist will be able to recommend specific equipment if required for your program.

How much will our Telefit consultations cost?

Depending how often you would like to exercise:
– 3 x weekly sessions $90
– 2 x weekly $70
– Casual Telefit Consultation $50
Please call us today or book online your Telefit consultation today.