Does strength training help with running?

Have you recently picked up running during isolation? Have you noticed a niggly knee or niggly hip? Are you looking to safely increase your running distances? For many of us, our running has increased or even become a new form of exercise throughout COVID-19. It is a form of exercise that requires no equipment and [...]

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Family Fit

Family Fit is our latest service to be launched at Malvern East Physiotherapy. Our team prides itself on keeping the community active and injury free and this is even more pertinent throughout this COVID-19 period. With school, club and representative sports being postponed for the indefinite future, our team is keen to keep your skills [...]

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Strength training for runners

With the Olympics coming to a close, have you been inspired to don the runners?  Are you training for your first running event?  Are you doing any strength training for running?   Malvern East Physiotherapy sees a range of runners.  These runner range from the occasional shuffler around the block through to marathon and ultra-marathon runners.  Surprisingly, [...]

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Why should I do resistance training?

You may have noticed that resistance training has become increasingly popular in the last few decades.  A significant contributor to this rise in popularity is due to the effect of resistance training on bone density.  However, not only is resistance training fantastic for improving density, it has a multitude of other health and fitness benefits. [...]

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