Why does my achilles hurt when I run?

You’ve developed the running bug... Outdoor exercise is the new Netflix! If you have been down to the local parks or walking tracks, then you would know that Melbourne’s eastern suburbs are booming with keen runners and walkers soaking in the sunshine in a bid to curb their iso-boredom. For those of you who are [...]

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Strength training for runners

With the Olympics coming to a close, have you been inspired to don the runners?  Are you training for your first running event?  Are you doing any strength training for running?   Malvern East Physiotherapy sees a range of runners.  These runner range from the occasional shuffler around the block through to marathon and ultra-marathon runners.  Surprisingly, [...]

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Prevent Running Injuries

Get your running injury assessed or to prevent running injuries by calling us on (03) 9571 6888 or fill in our online form Incorporating running as part of your training is a great idea, but it can often lead to injury if not done correctly.  Given the repetitive nature of running, it can unfortunately lead to injury [...]

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