How do you stay fit working from home?

2020 has been a challenge for most, with working from home becoming the new norm and exercise becoming a welcome change of pace to break up the day. With the current pandemic forcing workplaces to shut down their offices and shared spaces, many people are finding themselves at home, on a computer, in a new [...]

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Prevent ipad injuries

Do you experience pain after using your ipad or tablet?  Do you get headaches or neck pain whilst using your device?  Your physiotherapist can not only reduce your pain but ensure you prevent and address the likelihood of getting pain.  With school just around the corner, a number of schools have moved to using a [...]

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Wry Neck – physiotherapy can help

Have you woken up suddenly with acute neck pain?  Struggled to move your neck suddenly in the morning.  Maybe you have experienced wry neck?  Common symptoms of wry neck Sharp and local pain.  Generally in the middle or one side of the neck is affected. Reduced movement with neck movements.  In more severe cases, the head [...]

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Top tips to fix your desk and work posture

  Are you reading this article on your laptop? Staring at this article on your tablet device.  How is your posture?  Does your neck or upper back get achey? If you are sitting for long periods of time, stress and strain is placed through muscles, joints and ligaments of the spine.  Correct ergonomics and workstation set up [...]

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