What is the correct lifting technique?

Low back pain is a common complaint that affects 80% of the population. Commonly, people present for physiotherapy treatment with a back complaint completely unaware of the cause. Frequently patients report having recently been lifting or moving heavy items with what is thought to be the correct lifting technique. This can commonly cause either acute [...]

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What can I expect from physiotherapy for low back pain?

Are you curious about what to expect in an appointment at Malvern East Physiotherapy? Our physiotherapist Vernon Mittal guides us through his recent case study where he was able to diagnose and treat a patient’s lower back and hip pain successfully. Case Study I recently discharged a patient of mine who had lower back and [...]

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Avoid cricket injuries this season

Low back pain is one of the most common injuries associated with cricket.  Fortunately, managing workload throughout training and games has been proven to significantly reduce the likelihood of developing low back pain.   Despite the weather, cricket season is underway for another year.  Unfortunately, if you're a bowler, there is a higher risk of [...]

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Back pain and Children

Highlighting the importance of health and fitness from an early age is crucial to children's development.  Not only can inactivity lead to weight related issues, but prolonged sitting has been strongly linked to the development of low back pain in all ages.  It has been shown that episodes of low back pain in children, correspond to a significant increase in the [...]

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Tips to manage Low Back Pain

Studies show that between 60 - 80% of the population will experience back pain.  Non-specific low back pain with no serious underlying pathology is diagnosed in the majority of these cases.  If your back hurts, don't ignore the pain.  The sooner that pain is addressed, the quicker the recovery time and the less likelihood of [...]

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Why do young cricketers suffer low back pain?

With a domestic cricket season well and truly underway which will see a number of young budding fast bowlers take to the field I thought it would be appropriate to touch on the potential contributing factors for the development of low back pain in young fast bowlers. This has been a highly debated topic over [...]

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