Our physiotherapist’s Laura Scott and Sarah Yule provide a circuit based workout great for any sporting code.

Regardless of what sport you or your family are participating in, there are sport specific movement patterns common in all sports. This circuit can be performed at home and specifically incorporates the key movement patterns in any sport.

The outline of this circuit includes 1 minute at each circuit and 30 seconds rest in between. Try and repeat this circuit at least 4 times.

Sport specific circuit

Warm up (30 seconds of high knees, glut bridges and lumbar rotations)

Cone work – short runs over 2 – 3 metres challenging your change of direction

Balance- Stand on one leg for 30 seconds whilst performing another tasks


Push up


Short sprints with a star jump

Our physiotherapists can tailor an individualised exercise program to assist you exercise safely and effectively from home.

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