Last month our physiotherapists had the pleasure of observing first-hand a range of lower limb surgeries including hip and knee replacements, arthroscopes and knee reconstructions.  This provided our team with fantastic insight into the latest surgical techniques and rehabilitation.  In addition, this experience highlighted the importance of prehabilitation.  Recent research has outlined the importance of physiotherapy and exercise prior to surgery resulting in faster post-operative outcomes and return to normal activities.

Prehab focuses on safely providing exercises and physiotherapy to improve the joint function and mobility.  Surgery commonly causes trauma and swelling to the joint, soft tissue and surrounding musculature, resulting in pain and weakness.  Strengthening these muscle groups prior to surgery results in this strength being regained quicker post-operatively.  Maximising pre-operative joint mobility also improves range of movement following surgery.  Improving your cardio-vascular fitness, without exacerbating your existing injury, will also improve your reaction to anesthesia.  Our team is well equipped to identify the most suitable and safe form of exercise prior to surgery.

Our physiotherapists can liaise with your surgeon and discuss what to expect throughout the process.  Should you require mobility or gait aids, our physiotherapists are also able to organise and fit them accordingly.

It is never too early to start your Prehabilitation so contact us today on 9571 6888.  Remember the fitter and stronger you go into your surgery; the better you’ll bounce back!