Sports physiotherapy is distinct from regular physiotherapy as it is specific to the treatment of injuries of those who engage in sport. These kinds of injuries differ from those sustained day-to-day and require a different approach. It is important to seek treatment for any injuries as soon as possible, to ensure a better result in the long term. In some occasions stopping or resting completing can be just as detrimental as over doing it.

Our team all come from a sporting background and we love exercise just as much as you do. Our team has a strong background in working with sporting teams directly and have looked after athletes of all levels and disciplines. We can treat any kind of sporting injury for the weekend warrior through to the elite athlete. We won’t tell you to stop exercising. We will work with you, in our purpose-built gym, to keep your time out of action as little as possible and get you back into the sport you love.

Our team understand that sporting injuries often require a team approach, and we can work directly with your coaches, trainers and club.

We take a hands-on approach and look at your injury holistically. It is important to get to the bottom of your injury and not to just treat the current symptoms.  We pride ourselves on our injury prevention approaches and know that the sooner you are back playing the sport you love, the better you will be.

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Sports Physiotherapy