At Malvern East Physiotherapy, we put the individual at the centre of everything we do and the care that we provide. We get to know you and your health needs and goals, to provide the best possible treatment plan that leads to long-term health and injury prevention. This includes working with our clients who are undergoing, or have undergone surgery, such as a knee replacement or an ACL repair.

Read more about our approach to both pre and post operative rehabilitation below:

Pre-Operative Rehabilitation

Malvern East Physiotherapy can assist with pre-operative care and rehabilitation, or ‘pre-hab’. Pre-operative care is a form of physiotherapy that is used prior to any surgery to improve the patient’s initial state. It can help with joint stiffness and muscle loss post-surgery. The better the state of the patient before surgery, the quicker and easier it will be for them post-surgery. Pre-operative care has proven to be very helpful with those who are already in a restricted state due to their underlying disease or injury. It also helps with those who are generally in a poor state of health or fitness.

Pre-operative care is suitable for anyone at any fitness or injury level and is perfect for those who have a waiting period before surgery. Our physiotherapists will tailor programs and exercises for you and can significantly help improve strength and mobility.

Our physiotherapists can also familiarise you with crutches, walking frames and other aiding devices that may be required post-surgery.

The team at Malvern East Physiotherapy will liaise with your surgeons and general practitioner every step of the way, and then be able to assist you with your post-operative care.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

After undergoing a surgical operation for a musculoskeletal condition, you will almost always need some form of ongoing treatment and physiotherapy rehabilitation to produce long term results.

Your surgeon is able to repair tissues and structures but guided and graduated rehabilitation with a physiotherapist greatly assists to reduce pain, restore motion and improve everyday functioning. Therefore, your surgeon will likely recommend a physiotherapist for ongoing care.

Our physiotherapy team have extensive experience and relationships working with a range of leading orthopaedic surgeons in Melbourne. It is important to note that you do not always need to utilise the physiotherapist your surgeon referred. Our team are experienced in a wide range of post-operative care. You can be assured that we will communicate openly with your GP and surgeon and can be in contact with you and even observe in the theatre.

We also have an onsite purpose-built gym and run hydrotherapy at the Harold Holt Aquatic Centre, and also offer ongoing classes in Pilates and Strength that you can continue to use in the long-term

Common procedures that require post-operative care:

  • ACL repairs
  • Total knee and hip replacements
  • Shoulder operations – including rotator cuff repairs and stabilisation procedures
  • Carpel tunnel decompression
  • Achilles tendon repairs
  • Arthroscopic surgery

Our team know that this period can be difficult. We are a compassionate team that will help you to feel comfortable and safe, and we will make sure you meet your goals as quickly as possible.

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