At Malvern East Physiotherapy our skilled podiatrists specialise in the diagnosis, management and prevention of disorders and injuries associated with foot, ankle and lower limb function. Our podiatrists can help treat any issue from a minor skin condition to a chronic injury. Feet are the foundation of your body and foot pain of any kind can mean something is wrong. Our feet carry and help support our entire body weight, so podiatry and treating any issues big or small, should never be overlooked.

General Podiatry

We will help you get back on your feet and feel comfortable in your shoes. We can successfully manage all foot related concerns including calluses, corns and nail care. Additionally to this, we can help eliminate any pressure points you are experiencing. Our podiatrists will also provide useful tips and tricks, as well as footwear advice specific to your foot type, activity and day-to-day requirements to ensure that your feet are looked after.

Sports Podiatry

Here at Malvern East Physiotherapy, we listen to you and your injury. We don’t want to stop you doing what you love, but rather manage and modify your activity as required. Our podiatrists are able to treat all ages and abilities and want to ensure that you understand your injury and its cause. Our aim is to help you address the issue early on and then provide a variety of treatment options.

We will help you get back to the sport you love comfortably and pain free!

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