Neck headache or cervicogenic headache is common cause of headache.  Physiotherapy has been proven to provide immediate relief and resolve the causes of neck headache.  Call our team today at Malvern East Physiotherapy to fix your headache.  

Neck headache

What are the common symptoms of neck headache?

It is important to differentiate neck headache from other forms of headache including migraines or sinus related headaches.  Whilst some symptoms may overlap with other forms of headache, neck headache may include one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Headache which appears to radiate from the base of the skull to the front of the head.
  • Headache which may be provoked by prolonged neck positions, awkward neck postures or sleeping awkwardly.
  • Tenderness around the base of the skull or the top of the neck.
  • Neck stiffness or associated neck pain.
  • Headache symptoms that may be relieved by massage or by applying pressure around the base of the skull.

What causes neck headache?

Headache originating from the neck is a form of referred pain which may come from a variety of musculoskeletal structures including the upper neck joints and neck muscles.

Muscles around the neck and the shoulder blade region that attach or originate from the neck can cause neck headache when overworked, knotted or in spasm.  Following awkward or poor posture, some neck muscles overwork to protect the neck joints or hold the head up against gravity.  At the same time, other neck muscles including the deep neck stabilisers can become weak and fatigue easily with dysfunction.

How do I know if I have neck headache?

Accurate and prompt diagnosis is crucial for the treatment of neck headache.  Even though neck headache is originating from the neck, neck pain at rest is not always a symptom.   Neck tenderness or pain with movement may form part of the diagnosis.

If you experience local neck soreness or stiffness at rest, headache symptoms are usually exacerbated and more severe.

Physiotherapy for neck headache

Physiotherapy treatment has been proven to be effective for the diagnoses and treatment of cervicogenic headache.  Treatment may include soft tissue work, joint mobilisations or dry needling.  Importantly, physiotherapy treatment is often immediately effective in reducing or eliminating headache symptoms.

In addition to reducing your headache, your physiotherapist will also address the causes of your neck headache.  This could be due to weakened neck muscles resulting in poor posture or even as simple as poor habits associated with work or study.  The team at Malvern East Physiotherapy are experts in the treatment of neck headache.

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