How often do you do your home exercises?  If you answered rarely, you wouldn’t be alone.  Research shows that 65% of people do not complete their exercises.  We also know that if you have more than three exercises, the likelihood of you doing them drops dramatically.

home exercises

Why are home exercises so important?

Home exercises can play a critical role in rehabilitation.  Whilst your in-clinic treatment helps to decrease pain and improve mobility, without strengthening or improving flexibility, your condition won’t improve.

Home exercises maintain the improvement obtained from in-clinic treatment.  These exercises assist to resolve the underlying cause of your symptoms and can provide symptomatic relief.

Your physiotherapist is highly trained in ensuring that exercises that are prescribed are not only safe but will ensure benefit for your condition.

Why do my home exercises seem so simple?

When you are injured it commonly results in disuse of the muscles surrounding the affected area.  For example, if you hurt your shoulder, you commonly avoid movements that hurt the shoulder or compensate to avoid pain.  This is one of the reasons why more persistent injuries or conditions commonly take longer to resolve.

This disuse results in weakness and reduced endurance in these muscle groups.  Furthermore, in a number of conditions including spinal pain and arthritic joint conditions; it has been shown that deeper stabilising muscles are also inhibited and switched off due to pain.  If not resolved, this commonly results in altered movement patterns and commonly causes recurrent episodes or persistent pain.

Your physiotherapist will tailor your exercises depending on stage of rehabilitation.  During the acute stages of injury, these may be very simple exercises to reduce pain.  As you progress, your home exercises may compliment and be similar to exercises that you are performing under the supervision of your physiotherapist with Clinical Pilates, Clinical Strength or Functional Fitness and Strength.

How can I remember my home exercises?

Do you forget what exercises your physiotherapist gave you?  Can’t remember how to do them or how often you were meant to do them?

Malvern East Physiotherapy is now using PhysiApp.  By downloading or logging on PhysiApp, you will be able to access your easy to follow exercise videos to follow step by step.  If you have any questions about your exercises you can directly message and alert your physiotherapist.  You even have the option to set reminders and alerts on your phone or ipad if required.

Home exercises

At Malvern East Physiotherapy, your physiotherapist will work closely with you to provide a realistic and optimum home exercise program.  Whether you want to spend 10 minutes a day through to hours on end, your physiotherapist will develop a a home exercise program that is not only beneficial but realistic to complete.

Call us today or book online to ensure you are doing the best exercises as part of your rehabilitation.