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Do you experience pain on the outside of the hip?  Have difficulty lying on your side due to pain?  Does your hip hurt hurt when you walk; going up or down steps?

Common symptoms of Hip Bursitis

A common hip complaint which results in pain on the outside of the hip is hip bursitis or gluteal tendinopathy.  In addition to pain and tenderness on the outside of the hip, hip bursitis can also result in referred pain into the groin, buttock, thigh and leg.

Bursa exist around the hip to prevent friction between the gluteal tendons and hip bone.  Bursitis is a result of irritation and inflammation of the bursa.  This can commonly be as a result of overuse, poor core stability, trauma or even a sudden increase in activity and load.

Imaging such as ultrasound may commonly indicate tendon degeneration or tears in the surrounding gluteal muscles.  Importantly, these results whilst important, are not necessarily indicative of symptoms or long term prognosis.

Physiotherapy for hip bursitis

Physiotherapy aims to reduce the inflammatory pain associated with hip bursitis.  Techniques can include soft tissue work, dry needling, and joint mobilisations.

Importantly, the cause of hip bursitis needs to be addressed in order to prevent recurrence of symptoms.  Improving the strength of the gluteal muscles and improving core strength has been proven to be the most effective long term treatment for hip bursitis.  Whilst the structure of the tendon and bursa will not change, successful strengthening and specific exercises can offload the bursa preventing future painful episodes.

Your physiotherapist will match these exercises with your desired aims and goals.  Whether it be as simple as being able to lie on your side pain free through to running a marathon, our team will prescribe the most effective exercises and strategies to get you back to being active and injury free!

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