So you have started exercising already; progressing and adapting your exercise program is crucial to continue optimal improvement and benefits from any exercise program.  No matter what form of exercise you undertake or why you are exercising, progress and change your program over regular intervals.  Check out our top tips on how to get the most out of your exercise program.  Our team can assist to not only prevent injury but ensure you exercise safely and optimally so call us today on (03) 9571 6888 or book online.

exercise program

Why is changing up my exercise so important?

Whether it be rehabilitation or exercising for fitness the principals are the same.  Exercise works on the principals of loading, adaptation and progression.  It is a fine balance between doing enough to gain improvement, but not overexercising and risking injury.

Take for example a total hip replacement.  In addition to physiotherapy treatment, hydrotherapy or aquatic physiotherapy is regularly used in the early stages.  These exercises focus on safely loading lower limb muscles whilst muscles and joints are recovering post operatively.  However, as muscles heal, adapt and strengthen; exercises must be progressed from water to land based rehabilitation.  Whilst repetitions or sets can be increased in the water, the body adapts to the resistance of water and over time water based-exercises become inefficient or less challenging.

Similarly, doing a weights or gym program without changing exercises leads to plateaus in results.  Muscles strengthen and adapt to weight or resistance.  Incremental increases can be made by increasing weight or changing the number of repetitions.  Adding or changing exercises over set periods of time will not only reduce the risk of injury but ensure you continue to get stronger.

How long does it take to adapt?

Depending on how regularly you undertake exercise, time to adapt can vary from individual to individual.  Our physios recommend reviewing your exercise program every six to eight weeks.  Of course, this depends on how regularly you exercise throughout the week.  If exercising regularly, a split or varied routine is a great way to prevent injuries, gain improvement and prevent boredom.  For example, a running program may consist of several steady runs though the week interspersed with shorter and sharper interval based sessions.

What will I feel?

Following any change to an exercise program, the body will take time to adapt to new changes.  This may include a “good sore” feeling with slight muscular soreness or fatigue for 24 – 48 hours following activity.  Fatigue is a normal process following exercise and it is an important element to monitor as part of your recovery from exercise.  As your body adapts, you will notice that fatigue and soreness lessens.

How do I adapt my exercise program?

Your health professional can assist or put you in touch with suitable fitness professionals.  It can help to be mindful of your exercise goals and ensure you are going in the right direction.  Whether it be to run a marathon, prevent the likelihood of low back pain or to keep as fit and healthy as possible; be mindful of the desired end result.

Our team at Malvern East Physiotherapy are able to provide a range of exercise programs for any age or fitness level.  Call us today on 9571 6888 or book online.