Are you tired of getting injured with your weights program?  Exercising regularly but not getting your desired results?  Have you hit a plateau with your gym program?  Functional fitness is crucial to being able to perform daily tasks or sport at optimal levels and without getting injured.

Malvern East Physiotherapy is pleased to now offer functional fitness and strength with a primary focus on building better health..

Kinetic Link training (KLT) provides a safe and supervised form of resistance and strengthening program.  Utilising total body and combined movements, this form of strength training ensures a balanced strengthening program utilising all muscle groups including your inner core muscles.

Functional fitness and strength

What is functional fitness and strength?

Functional fitness and strength refers to the ability to perform your daily activities or sport to the best of your ability.  Whether it be lifting the washing basket through to running a marathon, your body performs a number of regular movement patterns throughout the day.  This could be due to to lack of strength, lack of flexibility, reduced balance or poor core strength.

Functional fitness and strength is designed to mimic and improve these movements to not only reduce the likelihood of injury, but also improve your ability to perform these movement patterns over and over again.

What are the benefits of functional fitness and strength?

  • Improve total body strength.
  • Improved functional movement patterns.  This means that KLT will incorporate total body movements identical to similar movements that are performed on a daily basis.
  • Improved cardiovascular performance.
  • Improved balance.
  • Improved bone density.
  • Improved core strength.
  • Improved confidence in your body.
  • Reduced likelihood of injury and those repetitive ‘niggles’.

What does functional fitness involve?

Your physiotherapist will guide you through a range of movement patterns which combine both upper body and lower limb muscles.  These movement patterns are designed to improve daily and functional movement patterns to not only strengthen, but dramatically decrease the likelihood of injury.  To prevent muscular imbalances, your individualised exercise routine will then involve a combination of movement patterns.  For example, if you perform a pushing movement pattern; a balanced pulling movement pattern will also be included in your program to ensure balance and symmetry.

Our physiotherapists have designed a specialised and structured exercise program designed to encompass everyday movements and movement patterns.  Under the supervision and guidance of your physiotherapist, your program will be tailored to match your individual capacity in a safe and low impact fashion.

How often do I need to perform functional fitness and strength?

For optimal results, we recommend KLT for three sessions a week over a six week period.  Given that your program is designed to maintain symmetry and balance, KLT ensures that your exercise program is progressed and varied to ensure strength is improved in an optimal fashion.  Each session will provide a different exercise program designed to target all muscle groups and provide a varied and challenging workout.

Health rebates with private health insurance extras may be available.  Contact us or book online today.