What do I bring to hydrotherapy?

Bathers, towel and suitable pool clothing.  We supply all hydrotherapy equipment that may be utilised during your hydrotherapy session including pool noodles, dumbbells steps and floatation devices.  In addition, we recommend bringing a small drink bottle. Shower and change room facilities including disability access are readily available and located within five metres of the hydrotherapy [...]

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Do I get any health rebates for hydrotherapy?

Yes, depending on your level of extras cover. We have portable HICAPS facilities to make the private health claims for you.  Please note that not all health funds can be claimed on our portable facility. Alternately, our friendly team will provide you with an itemised receipt and can assist in claiming directly from your health [...]

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Do I need to be able to swim?

Swimming experience is not necessary whatsoever. The hydrotherapy pool at Harold Holt Aquatic centre is specifically built for hydrotherapy. Accessibility to the pool is available from the ramp, hoist or stairs.  The depth of the water varies between 0.8m to 1.3m.

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Can I use Hydrotherapy as a form of rehabilitation?

Hydrotherapy is suitable for those undergoing rehabilitation or pre-habilitation.  The buoyancy of water results in less load and force being put through the joint. It is fantastic for those about to undergo or rehabilitating from lower limb surgery such as hip or knee replacements or foot and ankle surgery.

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