Syndesmosis Injury – High ankle sprains

Having the football on our TV’s is a fantastic way to pass the time on the weekends during lockdown 2.0. However, there has been extensive commentary on the risk of injuries to the players considering this season is like no other. Due to the interrupted year from COVID-19, players went from completing full preseasons to [...]

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Malvern East Physiotherapy and Coronavirus

During this unprecedented time, Malvern East Physiotherapy will always continue to have high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Our hygiene protocol for Malvern East Physiotherapy is as follows: As a team, we a have a clean hands policy and only treat one client at a time. For group environments, we ensure we wipe equipment between [...]

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Referred pain – physiotherapy can help

Have you experienced sciatica ?  Headache that has been originating from the neck or shoulders?  All these are examples of what we commonly call referred pain. What is referred pain? Referred pain refers to pain that is felt in other areas of the body other than the source.  Common instances include sciatic pain in which [...]

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Top tips to avoid cycling injuries

The Tour de France is back!  If you're anything like myself, the ability of these professional cyclists leaves me in total awe.  As a cyclist, I can barely get up the "mountains" of the Dandenongs, yet these professional cyclists are doing climbs ten fold over 23 days.  If it's left you feeling inspired to get out on [...]

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Hamstring strains

Hamstring strains are a common injury affecting the posterior thigh.  Strains can vary from mild to a severe tear of the muscle.  As re-injury and re-occurrence is high, be sure to see our physiotherapists today.  Call us on (03) 9571 688 or book online.   Hamstring strains commonly occur following an acute incident or gradually over time [...]

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Shin splints (Medial tibia stress syndrome)

Shin splints (medial tibia stress syndrome) is a condition that commonly causes pain around the front of the shin.  Pain or symptoms can occur with increased loading such as brisk walking, jogging or running. What causes shin splints? One of the most common causes of is due to overuse and overload.  Our team at Malvern [...]

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