Osteoarthritis and Prehabilitation

Do you or your family member currently have a diagnosis of Osteoarthritis? Did you have a joint replacement surgery scheduled that was cancelled due to Covid-19? Or, are you aware that you will require a joint replacement in the near future but are fearful of going into a hospital setting? If you’ve answered yes to [...]

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Family Fit

Family Fit is our latest service to be launched at Malvern East Physiotherapy. Our team prides itself on keeping the community active and injury free and this is even more pertinent throughout this COVID-19 period. With school, club and representative sports being postponed for the indefinite future, our team is keen to keep your skills [...]

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Corona virus and elective surgery

As part of the government's efforts to reduce the spread of corona virus, elective surgery was recently ceased. Elective surgery is non-urgent people choose or elect to have. This includes common surgeries such as cosmetic surgery, cataract surgery, hernia repairs and joint replacement or arthroscopic surgery. Whilst elective surgery has recently been re-instated, there are [...]

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Why does my achilles hurt when I run?

You’ve developed the running bug... Outdoor exercise is the new Netflix! If you have been down to the local parks or walking tracks, then you would know that Melbourne’s eastern suburbs are booming with keen runners and walkers soaking in the sunshine in a bid to curb their iso-boredom. For those of you who are [...]

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How does exercise affect mental health?

As everyone is acutely aware, the COVID-19 has affected everyone in one way, shape or form. Exercise is one of those activities that has been difficult to maintain particularly for those who regularly went to the gym or group fitness classes. Motivation to exercise during these times can be quite low especially trying to fit [...]

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What happens when you stop exercising?

We all know that exercising is good for our health and it is something that we should build into our regular routine? We know that when we exercise regularly we ‘feel good’ and we have that sense of satisfaction that we are making the right choices for our health. All the best evidence for chronic [...]

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Total Body workout

We understand that this is a challenging time for all, and although we are pleased to have gained clearance from the Federal Minister for Health that it is currently safe to remain open for business, we appreciate that everyone is facing a different set of circumstances and understand that some of our valued clients are [...]

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Lateral hip pain

With so many of us increasing our walking or modifying the type of exercise that we do, our team has recently seen an increase in clients reporting pain and discomfort on the outside of their hip. When addressed quickly, this common condition can be managed with great benefit from physiotherapy. Our physiotherapist Sarah Yule discusses [...]

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Reduce the risk of falling

Did you know that April is Falls prevention month? In line with this month and these unprecedented times, our physiotherapist Laura Scott discusses what we can do to reduce our likelihood of falling. This is especially important as most of us are electing to stay inside in self isolation or social distancing. However, it is [...]

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Overuse injuries: How to prevent an overuse injury

With many of us changing the type of exercise we may be doing, our physiotherapist Michael Scardamaglia covers how to prevent overuse injuries. Common sites of overuse injuries include the achilles, plantar fascia and knee. What is an overuse injury? Overuse injuries are very common amongst the active population and can present as many different [...]

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