Back pain and Children

Highlighting the importance of health and fitness from an early age is crucial to children’s development.  Not only can inactivity lead to weight related issues, but prolonged sitting has been strongly linked to the development of low back pain in all ages.  It has been shown that episodes of low back pain in children, correspond to a significant increase in the likelihood of developing chronic pain in adulthood.

However, a recent study has shown that educating children about the spine and exercise, reduces the frequency and severity of low back pain in children.  When symptoms are addressed early, it has to been shown to significantly reduce the likelihood of low back pain in the future.

One of the crucial aspects is establishing a routine.  Consider spinal health like brushing your teeth.  With regular awareness of good sitting posture, lifting technique and keeping active, the likelihood of developing low back pain is greatly diminished.

Try some of these simple strategies at home:

  • Good posture  – encourage your child to “be tall, shoulders square and chin in”.
  • Reduce prolonged time spent in front of the laptop or Ipad by encouraging a short break every 30 minutes.
  • Encourage homework or reading to be done at a desk rather than on the floor, couch or bed.
  • Ensure your child’s school bag is well fitted and the weight is minimised.  See one of our physiotherapists to fit your child’s backpack.
  • Encourage regular exercise and activity.

If your child is experiencing back pain, it is important to seek help.  Physiotherapists are able to address the pain but also the causative factors such as posture, flexibility and strength.

Malvern East Physiotherapy runs an adolescent strength and core exercise class.  These physiotherapist supervised classes provide a fun and friendly environment to ensure fitness and exercise is conducted in a safe and supportive manner.

Remember early intervention is the key.  It is never too early to encourage health and fitness habits!