Syndesmosis Injury – High ankle sprains

Having the football on our TV’s is a fantastic way to pass the time on the weekends during lockdown 2.0. However, there has been extensive commentary on the risk of injuries to the players considering this season is like no other. Due to the interrupted year from COVID-19, players went from completing full preseasons to [...]

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Functional Strength and Balance Home Workout

Our physiotherapists Laura Scott and Sarah Yule take us through a functional strength and balance workout to be performed at home. Equipment required: Sturdy chair Resistance band or theraband Functional strength exercises: Sit to stand Banded knee extension Hip abduction Calf Raises Balance exercises: Heel to toe balance Single leg balance https://youtu.be/3ezEUq7dJEM Our team of [...]

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Mat Pilates Workout for Home

Our physiotherapist Laura Scott runs through a pilates workout that you can do from the comfort of home. These exercises are great for improving core strength and postural endurance. Equipment required includes a foam roller, theraband and a slider. Home pilates workout: Lumbar rolls for flexibility Glut bridges for core and gluteal strength Side lie [...]

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Sport specific home workout

Our physiotherapist’s Laura Scott and Sarah Yule provide a circuit based workout great for any sporting code. Regardless of what sport you or your family are participating in, there are sport specific movement patterns common in all sports. This circuit can be performed at home and specifically incorporates the key movement patterns in any sport. [...]

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Advanced Home Workout

Struggling to work out at home? Our physiotherapists Amelia Thomas and Michael Scardamaglia run through an advanced exercise circuit to do at home. Minimal equipment is required with this circuit using resistance bands and light dumbbells. Advanced Exercise Circuit: 15 x Single leg Romanian dead lift and Single arm row 15 x Opening arc and [...]

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Transition to training after Covid-19

With community sport postponed for an additional 6 weeks, it is time to maximise injury prevention whilst keeping skills sharp.  Understandably, the recent news is incredibly frustrating for local sport and children. Our physiotherapist Laura Scott identifies the best way to train over the next 6 weeks to get back to sport as quickly and [...]

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How do you stay fit working from home?

2020 has been a challenge for most, with working from home becoming the new norm and exercise becoming a welcome change of pace to break up the day. With the current pandemic forcing workplaces to shut down their offices and shared spaces, many people are finding themselves at home, on a computer, in a new [...]

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