Tele-fit Services now Launching

New to Malvern East Physiotherapy is our online Telefit service. This is an online tool designed to replicate your current exercise class, or your face to face exercise prescription within the clinic. It is a safe and effective way to continue your exercise plan from the comfort of your own home while still working towards [...]

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Overuse injuries: How to prevent an overuse injury

With many of us changing the type of exercise we may be doing, our physiotherapist Michael Scardamaglia covers how to prevent overuse injuries. Common sites of overuse injuries include the achilles, plantar fascia and knee. What is an overuse injury? Overuse injuries are very common amongst the active population and can present as many different [...]

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What is the best way to set up my home office?

In this period of COVID-19, a great deal of businesses been forced to adapt to ensure the health of their workers. For many businesses this has involved setting up employees in home environments. Our physiotherapist Laura Scott provides her tips on working from home. Whilst home may be a more relaxed environment, it is just [...]

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Malvern East Physiotherapy and Coronavirus

During this unprecedented time, Malvern East Physiotherapy will always continue to have high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Our hygiene protocol for Malvern East Physiotherapy is as follows: As a team, we a have a clean hands policy and only treat one client at a time. For group environments, we ensure we wipe equipment between [...]

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Children and sporting injuries

Did you know that approximately 40% of child or adolescent musculoskeletal injuries are sports related? Often these injuries are trivialised which commonly result in longer recovery time and further delay and time spent away from sport. Physiotherapists can accurately diagnose your child's injury by performing a thorough assessment which includes listening to your child's injury [...]

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When should you see a physiotherapist?

A common query that our team commonly fields is when a client should they see their physiotherapist. Our physiotherapist Jason Lee explains when to see your physiotherapist and why often seeing your health professional sooner rather than later is often the best scenario. When should you see a physiotherapist? As soon as possible! Following a [...]

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