Back pain and Children

Highlighting the importance of health and fitness from an early age is crucial to children's development.  Not only can inactivity lead to weight related issues, but prolonged sitting has been strongly linked to the development of low back pain in all ages.  It has been shown that episodes of low back pain in children, correspond to a significant increase in the [...]

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Cycling Knee Pain

With the end of the Tour de France, not only does it bring an end to late nights but further motivation and determination to get out on the bike. Whilst cycling has its risk of injuries associated with falls and accidents, it is the repetitive nature of cycling that causes the majority of injuries.  Regardless [...]

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Last month our physiotherapists had the pleasure of observing first-hand a range of lower limb surgeries including hip and knee replacements, arthroscopes and knee reconstructions.  This provided our team with fantastic insight into the latest surgical techniques and rehabilitation.  In addition, this experience highlighted the importance of prehabilitation.  Recent research has outlined the importance of physiotherapy and [...]

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