With football and netball season well and truly underway, our physiotherapists are seeing an increasing number of "corkies".  Muscle contusions (“corkies”) commonly occur following a knee to the thigh during a tackle or similar impact.  The impact to the muscle causes significant bruising and bleeding within the muscle and also between the muscle and the bone. [...]

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Scottish Country Dancing and Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapist Jason Lee recently learnt more about Scottish Dancing and injury prevention with the Stonington Country Dancers. With so much time spent dancing on their toes and forefoot, Scottish dancers most commonly experience calf and Achilles issues.  In order to reduce the likelihood of injury, our physiotherapists have designed an appropriate Scottish Country Dancing [...]

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MFAA National Convention

Our physiotherapists had the pleasure of sharing their expertise at the MFAA National 2015 Convention. Our team was invited to share their insights and expertise on health, exercise and fitness.  A common query was the importance of appropriate workplace set-up to avoid issues such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and headaches. Our physiotherapists highlighted their main key ergonomic [...]

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Is your neck giving you a headache?

Neck headache - or cervicogenic headache - is a common condition referring to headache which is originating from the neck or upper spine. Cervicogenic headache can originate from a variety of muscular structures around the upper spine and base of the skull. These include the upper neck joints, neck muscles and nerves. Cervicogenic headaches can [...]

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