Nutrition and Dietetics

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A Dietitian can assist those who would like to lose body fat or gain body mass.  Those who have a diet related medical condition such as Diabetes, High Cholesterol or other Blood Fats, High Blood Pressure, Bowel disorders, Reflux, some Cancers, Anaemia, Food intolerances etc. can benefit from a review with a Dietitian. Some people may have nutrition related questions, or just be interested in eating the best diet possible for them. Some examples are:- general good health, preventing diseases which may run in their family, becoming vegetarian, for a healthy pregnancy or for maximum energy throughout their day.

Your Dietitian will explore present food intake patterns, likes & dislikes, meal times, activity output and lifestyle.  Jenny will assist you to gradually adjust areas which need modification, set goals, find tools for motivation, discuss nutrient needs, food composition, shopping and cooking skills, eating out, meal/snack patterns and any other topics of relevance depending on your medical condition or needs.

To learn more about how Jenny can assist, check out Refresh Dietetics.

Rebates through private health insurance extras may be available. Jenny is also a provider for Veteran Affairs clients.


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